School Improvement

Our school improvement support is very much ‘done with’ rather than ‘done to’, and though accountability is absolute, so too are trust and faith in the integrity and professionalism of our school leaders.

Each school has the support of a skilled and pro-active central team which is as driven and ambitious for the students as the respective school leaders are. This consists of the experienced Chie Executive Officer, as well as our Primary School Improvement Officer and our Secondary School Improvement Officer.

Our schools set their improvement plans in place and the Trust as a whole is accountable to delivering on that plan. This means that there are a range of support structures and professionals available to each school to help them to excel.

Equally, the Trust’s Headteachers work with the Trust Board to identify cross-Trust developments which support each setting and these are pursued as a collective. Senior leaders and other staff from across the Trust take the opportunity to lead and implement new strategies and approaches that flex with each school but consistently raise standards. This team approach helps develop leadership across the Trust, allows colleagues to thrive on the responsibility, and ensures that all schools retain an ownership and hold on projects so they are adapted to best suit the individual setting.

Any school joining the Trust can be assured that they would play a pivotal role in the organisation and contribute as an equal partner. Alongside this, each school would receive:

  • A comprehensive baseline assessment of provision in order to jointly identify, benchmark and map school improvement.
  • The provision of targeted support – in correlation with the individual school improvement plans – to enable enhanced effectiveness.
  • Sustained and consistent quality assurance and joint monitoring to ensure accurate and progressive evaluation of improvement.
  • Collaboration with the Greywood team of schools and wider partners to share best practice and to bring in specialist support.
  • Full support leading up to and during any external evaluation of school performance.

Essentially, our school improvement arm emphasises the ‘team approach’ that resonates across the Trust. It is very much about driving things forward together, tapping into cross-MST support, utilising school’s networks, as well as using the strengths of our Trust officers and our wider external contacts.

We are not a Trust which closes ranks and will not interact with other schools if they are not part of the group. We have an inclusive and open approach which seeks to learn from the best practice – wherever it may come from – as well as being ready to offer our own best practice to other schools in a spirit of mutual support and ambition.