Safeguarding Board

Our Safeguarding Board’s core purpose is to share best practice across our schools and to deliver on key objectives determined by the Headteachers Board and our Trustees.

The welfare and well-being of every child is our Trust’s primary and fundamental responsibility and our expectation is that all of our Safeguarding teams go above and beyond in supporting every child and family.

Our Safeguarding Board meets on a termly basis and is made up of the Designated Safeguarding Leads from each of our schools:

  • Henry Chadwick Primary School – Vicki Barnes
  • Queen’s Croft High School – Julia Lloyd Jones
  • The Friary – Ian Rose

This year the key objectives for the Safeguarding Board are based around:

  • The deployment of My Concern across the Trust.
  • The implementation of strategies to improve and maintain high attendance.
  • The collation of external agencies and partners to maximise links for student well-being and mental health.

Like the role of being a SENCO, the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead comes with high levels of responsibility and this body offers a network of support and advice that can make all the difference.