Headteachers Board

Our Headteachers Board meets throughout the school year to drive forward school improvement across each of our Trust schools and alongside our Trustees is responsible for leading and implementing the Trust’s developmental strategies and approaches.

Our Headteacher are very much our educational experts and it is essential to our Trust that they play a leading role alongside Trustees in steering the Trust forward as we meet the ever-changing challenges of the world of education.

Indeed, this approach is pretty unique as it less centralised and more about applying school improvement to each individual setting. Any good teacher knows that ‘one-size-fits-all’ does not apply in the classroom, and in our view it does not apply with whole-schools either.

This approach dovetails with our pursuit of team, collegiality and partnership, alongside our emphasis on the unique and special status and climate of each school. It is this sense of equality of partnership and shared leadership responsibility that inspires our school leaders and their senior teams to develop and expand their expertise and vision.

This year our school improvement priorities were set in the context of the post-COVID educational landscape and the new OFSTED framework. They include:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Safeguarding Provision
  • Attendance
  • Staff Well-Being Provision
  • Cross-Phase / Stage Projects
  • Children’s Well-Being Provision
  • COVID Catch-Up
  • School Improvement Team Growth
  • Staff CPD Provision
  • Leadership Projects

The Headteachers also delegate these responsibility across the Trust’s wider leadership team to ensure that initiatives are handled by the most specialist members of the wider group; for example, we have established a Safeguarding Board (made up of the Designated Safeguarding Leads from each school) and a SEND Board (made up of the SENCOs from each school). They drive forward their agendas to support the wider Trust vision.

The Headteachers Board is held to account on these planned developments by the Governors Board and our Trustees who also act to bring these agreed plans to fruition. Our Trust is about equality and shared outcomes and our approach works well.