The Friary School

The Friary School is a 11-19 secondary school on the north-eastern edge of Lichfield, and is an over-subscribed and well-respected setting which places a great emphasis in being central and engaged with its community.

The school is graded OFSTED ‘Good’ and consistently scores high levels of achievement which rank amongst the very best in Staffordshire.

The school’s mission statement is ‘High achievement through challenge and support for every learner’ and this reflects the ambitious, driven and inclusive approach the school pursues for every child.

The school’s curriculum and provision strives to provide outlets for every child to reap success, engagement, to see their confidence flourish and to secure true well-being. Hard work and fun are equally prioritised and the school sees success far beyond just the four walls of an exam hall. The school’s curriculum is broad, stacked with national awards and high expectations, and strategic initiatives and projects ensure wide delivery, ranging from transition to character-building, global citizenship to fulsome equality, and elevated aspirations to a ‘can-do’ mentality.

The school’s Friary Ethic reflects  our Trust’s founding principles and maps out everything that is important in daily life and for personal success:

Matt Allman

Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 7EW

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  • Friendship
  • Aspiration
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • You


Matt Allman, the school’s Headteacher, has taught across a string of schools in London and the West Midlands, Matt is on his second headship at The Friary, starting at the school in September 2016, and his career has seen him take on roles in five senior teams, provide consultancy expertise in other schools, and speak at regional and national conferences. He also keeps one foot inside the classroom and continues to ensure he retains a teaching timetable.

Matt is Staffordshire born and bred, lives locally, is passionate for success across the locale and the county, and so very much prioritises the school remaining at the heart of its community. This ensures there are always plenty of projects with local charities, businesses and organisations, and that the school maintains a focus on looking after and engaging with the very people who provide and reside alongside the children of the school.

Matt’s specialisms include teaching, learning and assessment, system leadership and curriculum design. Equally, alongside the absolute rigours of strong exam results and readiness for the world of work, he holds on to his belief that students are also children and that school should offer the laughter, enthusiasm and energy that make life exciting.