Support Services

The Greywood Multi-Schools Trust offers a wide range of support services which are designed to enable schools to develop and focus on their core purpose of education.

The Trust uses a mixture of in-house skills and expertise, both from the central team and the schools, alongside external specialist partners, to provide wraparound support for each school in the organisation.

Certainly, the Headteachers play an important role in evaluating support systems and contributing to the decision-making at Trust level to maximise the provision. This model ensures that there is real accountability for each aspect of provision and a regular dialogue to ensure best practice is deployed in across our schools.

The key areas of our support services are:


  • We provide full support on process and procedures on school admissions; both in the September round of admissions, as well as in-year admissions and appeals.
  • We provide support on related issues such as SEND, admissions policies, transition, and baseline assessment.

Finance & Resources

  • We provide co-ordinated and systemised processes and services in order to maintain efficiencies, so that maximum resources can be deployed at the frontline with the students, with individual schools targeting their energies on their key areas of improvement.
  • We provide transparent, systematic and precise financial management of every school so that senior leaders in schools are equipped with the insight and resources to action school improvement.
  • We provide full support in operating and fulfilling all statutory financial and resource requirements which are integral to academy status.
  • We provide extensive and cost-efficient approaches to procurement, services, contracts, census, external bids and estate management so that economies of scale are maximised.
  • We provide marketing and communication support in relation to all stakeholders.
  • We provide guidance and support for schools seeking to generate their own additional income streams.


  • We provide extensive governance support and training to ensure delivery on statutory and legal obligation, as well as fulsome integration into school life
  • We provide clear and transparent communication and collaboration between individual schools, governors and the Trust.
  • We provide targeted leadership coaching and developmental programmes to create, develop and establish effective leaders at all levels of the Trust.

Health & Safety

  • We provide full health and safety support with all-encompassing coverage ranging from risk assessments to dealing with legislative changes, day-to-day procedures to large-scale events, and staff training to school trips and visits.
  • We provide extensive support on building works and project bids in order to facilitate compliance and effectiveness.


  • We provide full HR support ranging from advice, training, mediation and recruitment.
  • We provide a pay roll structure, job description exemplars, maintenance of records, induction support, legislative change and wider training.
  • We provide a wide-ranging staff well-being programme designed to support both the professional and personal capacity of each colleague.
  • We provide support on wider themes including data protection, Freedom of Information and GDPR.

ICT / Network

  • We provide a fully managed service which incorporates broadband, management systems, technical support, procurement and strategic development.
  • We provide day-to-day support and guidance to ensure that learning remains uninterrupted by technological failings.
  • We provide cybersecurity coverage and guidance.
  • We provide training and collaborative projects.
  • We provide online safety and safeguarding guidance to staff and students


  • We provide specialist education legal support covering aspects as diverse as procurement, contracts, GDPR, employment, admissions and land issues.
  • We provide formal safeguarding advice and direction on a case-by-case basis, as well as formal safeguarding training and peer-support schemes.


  • We provide full ground maintenance
  • We provide extensive guidance on site developments and improvements; ranging from work surveys to practical support, and assistance with quotes to project management.
  • We provide full support with external funding bids; with over £3.0million in Conditions Improvement Funding (CIF) bids in the last two years.