Strategic Plan

Our overall strategic plan retains a sharp focus on our founding principles and all of our activities work toward fulfilling these priorities.

Our long-term vision sees our schools to continue to provide a good standard of education as an absolute minimum, full security in terms of finances and systems, and the growth of the MAT by 3-5 schools in the next 3-5 years.

Within this vision, this year we are successfully pursuing a number of goals to strengthen our Trust, to improve school performance in strategically targeted areas, and to maintain the collaborative and team ethic of our organisation.

These include:

School Improvement:

This year our Trustees and schools have recognised the post-COVID climate and have set a focus on:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Safeguarding Provision
  • Attendance
  • Children’s Well-Being Provision
  • COVID Catch-Up
  • School Improvement Team Growth

Staff Development:

This year our Trustees and schools have recognised the importance of retaining and inspiring staff and have set a focus on:

  • Staff Well-Being Provision
  • Cross-Phase / Stage Projects
  • Staff CPD Provision
  • Leadership Projects

System Development:

This year our Trustees and schools have recognised the necessity to remain lean and efficient in back-office provision to remain our focus on the front-line in school classrooms:

  • Cross-School Financial Support
  • MST Scheduling
  • Data & Performance Tracking
  • ‘Virtual’ Development
  • Policy Development
  • CIF Projects
  • Estates Development

MST Collaboration & Expansion:

This year our Trustees and school are embracing the post-COVID world and seizing the opportunity to engage in more cross-school and MAT projects:

  • Primary / Secondary Curriculum Projects
  • Communication Development
  • MST Growth
  • Cross-MAT Support
  • Extended External Projects

This school year has already seen a number of successes towards our founding principles and these development goals including:

  • Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) monies won in bringing in a £400,000 safeguarding project – with the Trust now succeeding in CIFs with over £3million gained in two years.
  • Formation of MST Safeguarding Board with development projects of My Concern, Attendance and External Agency Links.
  • Formation of SEND Board with development projects of EHCP development, curriculum design and student outcomes support.
  • Development of CANVA-based Curriculum project across the MST.
  • The expansion of the School Improvement Team to bring in a Primary and a Secondary School Improvement Officer.
  • The development of a cross-MST reading project to raise standards and engagement at all ages and stages.