Strategic Leadership

Our Trust leadership model is pro-active in ensuring that each school has a real voice in the organisation and that every tier of our team is absolutely focused on the provision for every child.

The establishment of our Trust saw three schools come together who wished to benefit from sharing, exploring and honing best practice together, but also retaining their own uniqueness and strengths; or as a Henry Chadwick governor called it: “Our Henry Chadwick-ness”.

We strive to ensure that our leadership model does not become a corporate straight-jacket, but rather a team approach with genuine and real accountabilities, and one where these exist within a climate of a shared vision, approach, transparency and ambition.

This means that we stretch beyond the standard Trust bodies and instead incorporate the energies and passions of all leaders in the organisation in a coherent and driven way to ensure each of the school’s chalk-face remains the absolute priority.

Our Trust’s organisation structure is as follows:

Our strategic leadership model sees out committees made up of the following:

Finance & Audit Committee

Nick Moseley (Chair of F&A), Michelle Painter, Gill Stockdale, Francis Chiwariro, Nina Worrall, Matt Allman (CEO)

Standards Committee:

Gill Stockdale (Chair of Standards), Michelle Painter, Dr Paul Carter, James Tye, Matt Allman (CEO)

Governors Board

Katy Hope (Chair at Queen’s Croft), Jane Mackenzie (Chair at The Friary), Karen Walton (Chair at Henry Chadwick), Michelle Painter (Char of Trustees), Nick Moseley (Chair of F&A), Gill Stockdale (Chair of Standards), Matt Allman (CEO)

Other Information

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