Ethos & Vision

The Greywood Multi-Schools Trust’s emblem of the ‘greywood’ tree represents the central trunk which acts at the grounded pillar of the organisation and the branches are the individual schools forming their own shape, direction and identity.

This individuality is retained within the founding principles of the Trust which all schools subscribe to and pursue both collectively and individually. They set broad parameters for the schools and steer the development and ambitions of each setting:

  • To deliver a truly inspirational learning journey for every child.
  • To maintain individual schools’ identities within a shared climate of collaboration.
  • To maintain, enhance and grow exceptional leaders.
  • To secure strong, sustainable budgets for each school, benefitting from economies of scale.
  • To build positive, realistic and meaningful local links to support and enhance our shared community.
  • To increase the capacity of our community of schools to improve further.

Alongside the Trustees, the schools and their leaders play a central role in charting the development of the schools and the wider organisation, and each setting retains a clear voice in the Trust initiatives and programmes. There is a genuine spirit of trust and an open sharing of views which offers both challenge and support to each school and fosters a ‘can-do’ and cohesive approach.

Not only does this ensure that projects meet the schools’ needs, but leadership opportunities and genuine transparency abound across the Trust, and this ensures the team ethos and ethical approach is maintained, enhanced and enjoyed.