The role of a middle leader in schools is demanding but so important to the success of students and a school. It can be challenging and sometimes lonely work. The Greywood Engagement Leadership Programme is designed to offer support to Subject Leaders or aspiring Subject Leaders in bringing greater success in this work.

The programme is split in to 10 modules, which we work through as a group alongside coaches, Helen Barratt (Head of Faculty) and Carrie Cain (Assistant Headteacher). These modules are designed to help participants to prepare the ground for success and to offer ideas and recommendations of a highly practical nature that help to deliver it. As part of the evaluation, each engager reflects using the CASE module (Clarify, Agree and Act, Support and Evaluate) and submits action plans and conclusions for each of the topics covered.

Participants are invited to reflect on what success looks like in their department and in their school. It is not just about results, of course, but there is no denying their significance. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of this programme is the WIG – the Widly Important Goal. The subject leader and coach decide what this WIG will be but essentially, it is specific, measurable and precise. This WIG is the golden thread that runs through the programme and this is the central focus for the course.

The Greywood Engagement Leadership Programme is now in its third year of operation. We are delighted that so many participants successfully engaged with the programme, not least because of COVID delays, and joined the final celebration event earlier this month. We were joined at the event by Greywood Trustees, Gill Stockdale, Nina Worrall and Michelle Painter.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher and programme co-ordinator, said: “A book written at the turn of the century by Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy was called ‘Execution’. It had the strap line, ‘the discipline of getting things done.’ What is certain is that this year’s participants have had clear plans, sound strategies and have led with clarity. They have done all that needed to be done and checked to ensure it’s working so their projects have been successful and their WIGs have been executed with skill and expertise.

Matt Allman, CEO of The Greywood Multi-Schools Trust, said: “We are very much a Trust that works hard to develop our team so that they become better in our schools, and can open up further career opportunities whether they be with us or elsewhere. All schools and Trusts are learning organisations and we have a role to play in developing our staff, just as much as we focus on developing our students.”